Latest Projects

Project name:  Audi A3 Promotion – “Boot Space”

Materials Used: MF MDF – Edging– Fittings – Vinyl’s
Time Frame:  Call Out was over 2-3 Months all Audi Garages
Services Offered:

We worked with the Audi UK Design Team who sent all the relevant art work for us to adhere to. We then nested the components to get the maximum yield and minimum waste.

CNC Routing outsourced the materials for the project as instructed. All parts were edged to the specifications provided then sent into our build team to be assembled.

We then attached the vinyls provided, packaged them and awaited collection from a logistics company for transportation to the various garages.

Project Description:

This was a display unit to advertise to any potential customer how much you can fit into the boot space of an Audi A3.

What you will see from the pictures attached is that each section had perfectly fitting cushions which displayed teddy bears,sporting equipment, etc, to name just a couple.

This product was constructed using a melamine faced MDF core board and white was the chosen colour.  We used edge banding to protect the MDF core and to increase its robustness.

The feedback we received was very favourable and the potential Audi customers understood the point the car manufacturers wanted to prove !!

Useful links: Audi Promotions Team UK