CNC Design Services

Highly Skilled Dedicated Design Team

CNC Design Services

CNC Routing Ltd is home to a dedicated design team where all members are highly skilled, not only in the design aspect but also in CNC router operations. This ensures that each member can translate the design onto the routing machines, guaranteeing perfect routing results.

The Design team can take any concept and turn it into a reality. We have taken ideas for Nationwide companies and designed, routed, packaged and delivered them to outlets all over the UK.

We have the capability to plot individual physical sample items to create a design profile enabling production. This is by using a laser light incorporated in the machine head. The image is then sent back to the computers by reverse engineering. In addition, any drawings can be worked into a format file.

The Design Team are fully conversant with numerous software packages and on-going training ensures we are up to date with current technology. CNC Routing pride ourselves on solving any problem shared with our Design team easily and efficiently.

How We Work

CNC Routing Ltd offer a 2D CNC cutting and assembly service the UK, including profiling, drilling, rebating, engraving, build and fabrication. For any questions or queries about how to prepare your CAD files please call: 01562 712068

File Formats


Please send cutting drawings as DWG, DXF or Ai files. Drawings should be provided 1:1 scale in mm with over all dimensions of the project. At CNC Routing we can also use Artcam files, Vector files, Sketch up Files, IGES or STL files for visual and dimension purposes only.

Corner Fillets

A CNC router will always create a small radius on internal corners whilst machining, when trying to insert a square part these can get in the way as shown below.
Fillets can be added to corners to ensure a tight and precise fit for any square components.


When arranging your components on a sheet it is important to check over all dimensions and quantities prior to nesting.

Components should be arranged onto an appropriate sheet size dependant on the material used and the availability of that size sheet. (Please contact for any sheet size or material questions).

To begin nesting, always start with the components in the bottom left corner, nesting from left to right / bottom to top.

Preferably with the smaller components along the bottom or left hand edges.

If possible create nests to allow for multi-head machining. Note on the drawings how many sheets of each nest is required and what the material is.


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Using Layers

When drawing it is good practice to always layer different sized or depth holes, profile/outline cuts, rebates and the depths.