CNC Cutting Service – Furniture

With over twenty-five years of experience we have developed our CNC cutting service to accommodate a wide range of industries and requirements. Manufacturing furniture is one of our main industry areas and we pride ourselves on being flexible and versatile with our service. We have made huge investments into our facilities to ensure we can support a wide range of projects.


CNC cut furniture

We are delighted to have the skills, experience, and facilities to create CNC cut furniture such as seats, tables and cabinets that are reliable, durable and stands the test of time. Expertly designed, manufactured and assembled on site by our skilled and experienced team, we can supply organisations with high-quality furniture that gives optimal performance.

With several furniture manufacturers as regular customers, we route and assemble a number of different frames or panels ready for upholstering using either plywood or MDF. It is not uncommon for us to value engineer the product to reduce the cost and improve the quality. A lot of the frames we produce are sold with a 10 year guarantee.


CNC cutting service – Meeting as many requirements as we can

We have invested in some of the most reliable machinery in the CNC routing industry. Our machines are all AXYZ routers that vary in their bed sizes – giving plenty of scope for various projects. Our largest bed size is 4880mm x 2635mm, this size allows clients to create furniture projects that require four 1220mm x 2440mm panels on the bed simultaneously. The high tech machinery combined with our advanced technology allows us to complete CNC routing projects with great ease and fast turnaround times. We know that for most businesses – particularly furniture manufacturers – furniture projects need to be flawless and consistent every time. To help achieve these expectations, the CNC routing machines allow us to use specific programming to guarantee the same measurements and sizing across the entire batch of sheeting being cut.


Going above and beyond

While some of our clients may have already gone as far as preparing furniture designs, other clients might not be as certain about what they require. But no matter how much preparation you have or haven’t done, we can give you advice in the planning and designing stages to ensure that our CNC cutting service creates the perfect product.